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Kat here…

I created this stretch mark treatment blog to help others finally get rid of their unsightly stretch marks.

I never suffered much with stretch marks growing up. However that all changed when my first born came along…

I started to develop large lines and lesions around my lower abdomen during my third trimester. I put it down to being part & parcel of the process, and that they would fade a month or so after the birth. This wasn’t the case!

Revitol stretch marks prevention review

My first bundle of trouble – Stephan

My marks remained & were obvious enough to want to cover up my belly at all times. Wearing a 2 piece bikini was now certainly out of the question.

It was time to look for a solution…

I began by searching for doctors who could perform laser resurfacing and dermabrasion treatment, as I’d heard they were the best options for very noticeable stretch marks like mine.

I even watched a friend go through a dermal needling procedure. Let’s just say that wasn’t for me. The pain didn’t look like it was outweighing the reward!

The first & only all smiling family pic!

I had to find a better, less invasive remedy for my stretch marks. Something I could implement at home. That is when I turned to the topological creams, and I’m so glad I did.

That is not to say they all work. Most are just over priced moisturizers… However there are a handful which can do the job for you (one in particular which is the gold standard in my opinion).

So I decided to put together some resources to illustrate exactly how I (and dozens of others) finally managed to beat their stretch marks for good!

If you are looking for what I consider to be the best solution to stretch marks. Check out my homepage for the full review.

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